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2024 Green River Sports Festival 

Thank you to our sponsors!

WyHy FCU, AllState Elysha Dean, LR Communications, Phony Stark Industries, Alliance Therapy & Chiropractic,

Wire Brothers, INC

Simplot Phosphates, Jimmy Johns, Duality BJJ, Green River Bullion and Coins, Rock Island/Green Island Gym, LMNT, TATA Chemicals, White Mountain Dental, Solvay, Kelly's Convenience Centers, Wild Sage Market, All West Communications, Stellar Coffee, UPS Store, Trona Valley FCU, PMS Printing, Glenrock Barbell Club, BK Fitness, Fremont Therapy Group

After the phenomenal success of the inaugural Green River Sports Festival, the team has come together again to bring our community a day filled with fun and competition. The 2024 Green River Sports Festival is a two-day event hosting a BJJ and grappling tournament on July 19th starting at 8 am and on July 20th a USAPL Powerlifting meet, a Strongman competition, and a 5k/10k race. A health and wellness-inspired vendor fair, beer gardens, and food trucks will make this another unforgettable day of friendship, competition, and a showcase for all the hard work. 

Join us in this celebration of physical fitness and support your local athletes!

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