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I have been resistance training since 2010 which developed into a lifelong passion for barbell training and educating others about the health benefits of strength training. I have been coaching others as a hobby since 2013 and in 2021 began to scale my coaching to help more people like myself who have always struggled with busy family life and grueling work schedules.


I have competed in strengthlifting and powerlifting, but my real focus lies in training and nutrition for life outside of the gym and setting a healthy example for my three children.

I earned my PRSC in 2021 and completed Layne Norton’s Science of Nutrition Certificate the same year.

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Weight Trainer

My philosophy behind fitness is to keep things simple and digestible for as long as it continues working.



If you are losing weight just by loosely tracking calories and protein why make your life more difficult by weighing all your food to the gram and stressing over your carbohydrate to fat ratio? If you can get stronger two to three times a week why plan a month of workouts where you are only scheduled to add weight on the bar once or twice a month?

There comes a time when these more difficult approaches are necessary but in reality, most people who have other things going on in their life outside of competition don't need to go to such extremes. 

Keep volume and intensity in the appropriate range with scheduled weight increases to get stronger and help reduce the risk of injury.




Getting stronger will improve every aspect of your life and should be a priority at an age.

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